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We believe in Internet Freedom, therefore we take your Privacy very seriously

The OpenNova story

We specialized in designing hardware encryption solutions. Our objective is to provide products that are easy to implement to protect our users valuable information privacy from Global Mass Surveillance without compromising any identity or information leakage.

Why choose us?

We exist since year 2002 in cryptography encryption protocol and data privacy research.

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If you interested in joining our company of funding our upcoming project please kindly contact us or visit us at our office.

OpenNova is a premier hardware supplier and a security firm to counter Global Mass Surveillance, ISP monitoring and Internet restriction. We provide solutions to consumers and businesses of all sizes. We provide solutions and consulting services to protect our customer privacy, valuable data, against Global Mass Surveillance, or any eavesdropping.

Our device hardware are very carefully inspect and tested to assure its without any OEM backdoor. We developed our own firmware based on open source DD-WRT, firmware and web interface are go through penetration test to assure no vulnerability. We work closely with many security researcher around the world to assure our securities are up to latest standard, because we want to make sure we deliver the best product and services to all users.

Our services

Our Services

"No ISP Restriction, Untraceable, Anti Global Mass Surveillance"

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22 Floor, 63 Wireless Road (Witthayu), Lumphini Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

Untraceable Router – Smart Protection for your Personal Data and Online Privacy

Stop big government and global corporations from accessing your private data and spying on your every move with the OpenNova Untraceable Router, the simple solution that secures your civil rights.

Anonymize your online activity and protect your personal data from global mass surveillance with an untraceable router that locks out spying eyes

All-in-one solution to encrypt your data, avoid ISP restrictions, and keep your personal data and activities private and hidden from third parties

Choose from monthly privacy plans or go custom to match your budget and security needs and enjoy real-time online privacy protection 24/7

Price: 129


Explore the Internet, Free from Big Brother’s Watching Spies

The internet has transformed the way we do business and talk to each other.

Unfortunately, it has also eroded our privacy as governments and global corporations use multiple tools to track your every movement – and even conversation.

Even your ISP is in on the act, adding OEM backdoor firmware to your router to collect your private and personal data. Big Brother is here – and he’s watching you.

The OpenNova Untraceable Router puts control of your online anonymity and data privacy back where it belongs: in your hands.

Simply plug it in and our open source firmware takes care of the rest – locking Big Brother out of your online activity.

Your Online Privacy Is a Right – Take It Back for You and Your Family

The OpenNova Untraceable Router offers a streamlined, plug ‘n’ play operation – and with our monthly plans, you get to choose the amount of security you need.

Our dedicated team of professionals works with leading security experts and researchers to ensure that your router is up-to-date with the very latest in security standards.

You don’t need to do anything: just enjoy surfing the internet with the privacy you deserve.

The Easiest Way to Be Anonymous Online Has Arrived – Join Us!

If you value your right to privacy and anonymity online, then the OpenNova Untraceable Router is one tool that you can’t afford to go online without.

Whether you’re sending sensitive private documents for your business, watching videos on YouTube, or simply sharing your opinion on an online forum, you’re being watched as a part of global mass surveillance.

The OpenNova Untraceable Router blocks all efforts to spy on what you are doing, preventing anyone from looking – and, thanks to our smart design and automatic security updates; you don’t need to worry about anything.

Choose the right plan for you below and discover a new, free internet where you have a right to be seen and heard only when you want to be.

First 100 customer free 2 month monthly subscription.

  • No ISP Restriction
  • Anti Mass Global Surveillance
  • 1 Unique Front End Server 1 IP Address
  • Basic Protection *Do not encourage for Sensitive activity.
  • No ISP Restriction
  • Anti Mass Global Surveillance
  • 1 Unique Front End Server 30 IP Address
  • *Suitable for users that require multiple location
  • Tell us what you need
  • Custom Hardware configuration
  • Bulletproof bunker data center
  • 24 hours server supervision prevent unauthorise access



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